Role Of Furniture In Our Daily Life

Furniture in modern days is considered to play a very essential role in the home. Whether the person is rich or poor, the furniture takes up the majority of the space in the house. It is used for many purposes in-house. For example, furniture is used in a living room, bedroom, dining hall, study room, etc. The arrangement of furniture in the house should give orderliness, discipline, comfort to the body, and should enhance the beauty of the place. Furniture is used in a large number of fields. It is used not only in houses but also in industries, schools, offices, companies, hospitals, etc.
The points to be considered for furniture arrangements:


Furniture used in-house is used for multipurpose. It should decorate according to either large or small buildings. For example, the sofa set alone decorated in the small house will occupy more place. To avoid this we can use sofa cum bed furniture. In bed, we can have drawers.


Using furniture should not only decorate the house, it should be comfortable. If it is inconvenient it will spoil the mood and also the health. Furniture used for bed must be comfortable to take rest. Children’s study table should be arranged according to their height.Using furniture should not only decorate the house, it should be comfortable. If it is inconvenient it will spoil the mood and also the health. Furniture used for bed must be comfortable to take rest. Children’s study table should be arranged according to their height.


The construction of the furniture should be firm and have strong joints. Proper construction of furniture gives long durability and comfortness.

Style and beauty

Furniture can decorate at either traditional level or modern level. Structural and decorative furniture on combining will give good look to your home

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Types of furniture pieces

Living room furniture

The furniture in the living room should accommodate both your family members and guests. There should be enough seating and enough space, and then your option should be sofas, sectionals, sleepers (pull-out sofa beds), accent chairs, chaises, recliners, swivels, ottomans. Having leather fabric is easier to clean if a young child is in your home. Side table for resting drinks and coffee. Television stand furniture should have enough storage space for placing DVDs, CDs. In addition the bookshelf in the living room to place family pictures, children books add beauty to the room.

Dining room

Furniture should be designated in the kitchen in such a way that family members can be seated and eat in a comfortable manner. If the dining room is found to be traditional and formal for attracting family members and guests, the dining table should accommodate large and small groups. If it is informal the dining table can be in round shape. The chairs should be comfortable to sit and have more cushions. Hutch is a perfect match in the dining room for placing dishes, glasses and recipe books.


 Why is furniture important in the designing room?

There are plenty of things which can decorate the home. But without the right furniture, there won't be finished the look.

i) Furniture makes your home complete and look.No matter whether your house is big or small, perfect furniture at the right place gives complete look.

ii) When guests enter your house they will have look at the design of your home. Furniture plays an important role in that. Quality of the furniture, the color of the furniture should be selected perfectly. It gives more attractive looks. Interior decoration of the home with furniture reflects individuals standards as well.

iii) Furniture brings individuality. One can find the personal touch in the interior design of your home. The furniture you selected will express your sense of style.

Materials used in furniture


Wood is the most popular material used in the furniture. There are plenty of woods available for making furniture. Since from the ancient period, we are using furniture, which traditionally reflects the type of trees made from wood. There are varieties of wood material as follows.

i) Cedar – Cedarwood is found to be reddish in color and found in Turkey and Lebanon. Used to make chests, blinds, closets.

ii) Cherry- It is well known that cherry is red in color, native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is a hardwood resistant to wrapping and shrinking. Used in making cabinets and solid furniture.

iii) Chestnut-This type of wood is found in the northern hemisphere, available in many varieties. Used in small outdoor furniture or barrels.

iv) Lime- Lime is pale yellow in color, used to create delicate and intricately carved pieces.

V) Teak – Teak is a moisture resistant hardwood used in making furniture, home and shipbuilding.

vi) Oak- This wood is durable and pliable one. Used in making desks.

vii) Mahagony- It is water resistant. It looks very classic used in making cabinets, tables, and dressers.

B) Artificial wood

Most commonly used artificial wood is plywood, chipboard and medium density fiberboard. They are used in the furniture structure and a laminator.

Other than wood, plastic, glass, leather, fabric and leather materials are used in making furniture.